A.J. Green Snapped, Put Jalen Ramsey In A Chokehold, And Punched Him In The Helmet

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Bengals’ star receiver A.J. Green is known as being a relatively mild-mannered guy, but on Sunday he snapped on Jaguars defensive back Jalen Ramsey.

Ramsey shoved Green to the ground after a play in what was a bit of a cheap shot, but nothing severe, and that’s when Green lost it. Whether it’s frustration with his inconsistent season and Andy Dalton’s inability to get him to the ball regularly down the field, or if Ramsey was just really chirping at him, something caused him to snap.

Green popped up from the ground after Ramsey’s shove and then put Ramsey in a chokehold, taking him to the ground, then punched him a couple of times in the helmet, before taking him down again by going for another chokehold.

It’s one of the most intense football fights we’ve seen since Andre Johnson ripped off Cortland Finnegan’s helmet and teed off on him. It’s always funny when football players try punching a guy wearing a helmet as if that’s going to do any kind of damage to anything other than their own hands.

Green and Ramsey were both ejected, which honestly seems a bit harsh for Ramsey who, yes, shoved Green down, but then found himself getting thrown in a rear naked choke and punched. One would have to think a suspension is probably coming Mr. Green’s way after this, which isn’t ideal for the Bengals or anyone with him on their fantasy roster.