Al Bundy Was Brock Lesnar To The Gracie Kids

‘Modern Family’ star Ed O’Neill (“star” meaning “one of the 34 people from the show nominated for Best Supporting Actor In A Comedy Series at Sunday’s Primetime Emmy Awards) is a 22-year veteran of Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Long story short, if Ed had gotten into MMA a little earlier, our ‘Married… With Children’ edition of Sports On TV would’ve been lighter on softball and heavier on Al shooting a double-leg takedown on Jefferson D’Arcy and tapping him with a Kimura lock.

Because “Al Bundy is a jiu-jitsu master” is a story that never stops being amazing, Ed O’Neill stopped by the Gracie Academy in Beverly Hills to make an appearance on ‘Gracie Breakdown’, helping Ryron and Rener Gracie analyze the important moments from UFC 152’s Jon ‘Bones’ Jones/Vitor Belfort fight. At one point the brothers explain that when they were little, “Uncle Ed” would trap them on the ground a la Brock Lesnar and beat them up. It is the best.

The breakdown begins with an analysis of the beautiful armbar that Belfort landed on Jones in round one. Ed explains how Jones’ style of ground and pound leaves him exposed to armbars, and then they analyze why Vitor wasn’t able to fully dislocate Jones’ elbow joint. They also discussed the critical details of the round 4 Americana Armlock that Jones’ used to seal the deal and retain title. Very exciting stuff.

Video is below.

I think the key to getting me really into MMA is to have Al Bundy explain it on the reg. The only thing that would make this better is if he was shootfighting with Bubba Smith.

[h/t to Bob’s Blitz]