Alabama Freshman Calvin Ridley Split Two Florida Defenders To Make A Ridiculous Catch

12.05.15 3 years ago

Alabama wide receiver Calvin Ridley just showed why he’ll be atop the Heisman lists for the rest of his college career with this amazing grab between two Florida defenders in the SEC Championship game on Saturday.

He’s 6’1 and 188 pounds and, as you can tell, he already looks like a pro in his ability to control his body in the air. Even the way he falls is amazing, as the Gators go one way and he goes the other. It’s almost as if he’s not susceptible to the same rules of movement, momentum and gravity that everyone else is.

People usually think of the Alabama offense as relying on the ground game but, like Amari Cooper before him, Ridley is set to be the air option in Tuscaloosa for years to come. If there’s any asterisk to add to his abilities, it’s that the former five-star recruit out of Pompano Beach, Florida is just shy of 21 years old. So while he may only be a freshman in eligibility, he’s clearly not quite the same as most underdeveloped 18 year-old kids coming out of high school.

The 55-yard catch brought Alabama to the three-yard line and Ridley’s totals at the half up to 81 yards on four receptions. Two plays later, Alabama scored their first touchdown of the game with Derrick Henry crashing it in from the two.

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