So, What’d You Get For Christmas?

This video has been seen by about a billion people since it went up on Sunday and has probably been shared everywhere from WikiHow to your Geocities homepage, but we haven’t updated since Friday and don’t have any cromulent UPROXX network morning links, so here you go.

If you haven’t seen it, it’s one of the nicest videos uploaded over the holiday season, and way more enjoyable than watching a kid get a white iPhone and throw it across the room — an Alabama dad gets surprised with BCS National Title tickets for the Alabama/Notre Dame game in Miami on January 7. It’s a lot like last year when I surprised my dad with Cowboys tickets, except 1) I didn’t upload video of it, and 2) this guy won’t have to sit in the nosebleeds at Cowboy Stadium and watch Tony Romo get hurt five seconds into the game.

So, like the headline says, what’d you get for Christmas? Let’s get some holiday conversation going so we can pretend like it isn’t totally and completely over.