Alabama Is Currently In The College Football Playoff, And People Aren’t Happy About It

ROLL DAMN… hold on, what? How did Alabama end up as the fourth-ranked team in the college football ranking? How did a team with a loss to Ole Miss and wins over Middle Tennessee, Louisiana-Monroe and Arkansas leap frog more noteworthy undefeated teams? How did they jump ahead of Michigan State, TCU, Baylor, just to name a few?

Is this SEC bias or just complete stupidity on the part of the selection committee?

Again, let’s take a look at Alabama’s tough road in the 2015 season.

Yes, it’s early, and, in the long run, teams like Michigan State and Baylor will be in the playoff if they run the table. But still, it leaves a sour taste in the mouth of college football fans who are sick of the Tide being shoved in their face.

See here.

Let’s start with the conspiracy folk, the ones with the tinfoil hats. Because who doesn’t love a good conspiracy?

Well, to be clear, ESPN owns the SEC Network, so maybe you’re on to something here (no, you’re not).

Then the media weighed in.

Nice to see Paul Finebaum acknowledge football outside of the South. That’s mildly shocking. As for the rest of the Internet, this tweet from SB Nation’s Luke Zimmermann sums up everyone’s feelings.