A Top Prospect From Alabama Was Sent Home From The NFL Draft Combine

03.03.17 2 years ago

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The NFL Draft Combine can be a significant showcase for those hopeful to raise their profile and, with that, their draft position in advance of the actual selection process. On the flip side, players can (and have) suffered big-time falls as a result of combine performances and, on Friday evening, word broke that a former Alabama standout might fall into that class.

In fact, linebacker Reuben Foster didn’t even make it to the interview and athletic testing portions of the process.

It remains to be seen as to what actually transpired with Foster and what a “heated argument with a hospital worker” entails, but this type of exposure is never a good thing. After a tremendous career in Tuscaloosa, Foster is seen by many as the best linebacker in the entire 2017 draft class, and with that, he has a lot to lose. It should be noted, though, that this is only a solitary report at this point without confirmation from the NFL itself.

It is entirely possible that Reuben Foster will wind up as a top-15 draft pick, just in the way that he was already projected before this reported issue. Still, it can’t be seen as ideal that he failed to navigate the waters in Indianapolis without incident, and if nothing else, red flags are now up for one of the more talented players in the draft.

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