An Alabama Player Snapped On The Sidelines And The Internet Had A Field Day


As is usually the case when a championship is on the line, tensions were running high during the College Football Playoff National Championship game between Alabama and Georgia. At one point in the third quarter, an Alabama player got a little too heated, which led to a reaction on the sidelines that got lampooned by the internet.

Alabama got three points on a field goal, and during the ensuing kickoff, outside linebacker Mekhi Brown got a little too riled up. Brown appeared to strike a Georgia player’s helmet, which led to a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.

But the crazy part came after, when Brown got onto his sideline and got into it with someone who appeared to be a coach. Brown went at whomever was rocking Crimson Tide gear, and had to be held back by one of his teammates. Here is everything that happened, and as you can see, it was not a great look for Brown.

As is usually the case, the internet managed to have some fun at the Alabama linebacker’s expense, as the jokes about Brown’s outburst were fast and furious.

The lesson here is the lesson that always pops up during a big sporting event: Never do anything that can lead to Twitter firing off a round of jokes.