Albert Haynesworth Brings Bar Fight Moves to the Field

10.02.06 11 years ago

If you've had a TV on any time during the last 12 hours or so, you probably saw this. Titans DT Albert Haynesworth kicked Cowboys C Andre Gurode in the face as Gurode lay on the turf with his helmet off after a Julius Jones touchdown. Haynesworth, apparently displeased with merely kicking a man when he was down, followed it up with a facial stomp. Gurode needed a gazillion stitches to sew his face back together.

Now, I'm a fan of unnecessary violence in almost all aspects of life, but I think this might have been over the line. The Riverdance kick-stomp combo would have been a great move if they were playing in the Thunderdome and not LP Field.

I know getting kicked in the face must suck, but at least Gurode is going to come out of this with some sweet facial scars. I'm actually a little jealous. I want some facial scars. My handsome-to-badass ratio is weighted far too much toward the handsome.

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