Albert Pujols Can Tell You How To Get, How To Get To ‘Sesame Street’

Senior Writer

Albert Pujols and Grover

Anaheim Angels slugger Albert Pujols isn’t going to let little things like the worst season of his professional baseball career and the constant media criticism of his absurd 10-year contract get in the way of him remaining positive and upbeat about his team’s chances this season. That’s why the kind-hearted Halo took some time out of his busy training schedule to ask a few people how to get to Sesame Street for an appearance on tomorrow’s show.

Pujols teamed up with Grover to tell kids what it means to be an athlete, with Grover handling the majority of the acting requirements, as he showed just how terrible he is at various sports. But Pujols saved the day by telling us all that he is “very good at baseball” with a delivery that would make Daniel Day Lewis die of jealousy.

Take notice, Emmy committee, because athlete acting performances of this caliber only come along once every several decades, so make sure that you start shining some statues for Pujols now.

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