The Aldon Smith Timeline: First He Ruins The Raiders, Then He Ruins THE WORLD

09.11.15 3 years ago 7 Comments

Dave Rappoccio/Uproxx

Aldon Smith, a month after his release from the 49ers, has found a new home — Oakland. Smith just signed a one-year deal with the Raiders, because of course he did. According to Ian Rapoport, Smith had his choice of suitors:

He probably picked Oakland so he wouldn’t have to move.

He is currently eligible to play this very weekend, but it’s doubtful he’ll see the field for many games this year, as he has yet to be punished for his latest bonehead move, a hit-and-run and vandalism charge that got him released from San Francisco. Goodell just lost his big suspension case, and this should be easy pickings for him, and I’d be surprised if it’s less than 10 games. Smith has quite the record already, so a soft punishment just isn’t warranted. Here’s a timeline of everything he’s done so far:

April 28, 2011: Smith is drafted by the 49ers.
Jan 28, 2012: Smith is arrested for DUI in Miami Beach.
June 30, 2012: Smith has an altercation at his house where two people were shot and Smith himself apparently suffered stab wounds.
September 20, 2013: Smith drives into a tree and passes out. He was arrested for DUI and possession of that sweet sweet herb marijuana. Smith “voluntarily” (read: his agent and the team heavily suggested it) entered a rehab facility and sat out the rest of the season.
October 9, 2013: He is officially charged for the stab wound incident a year earlier, suffers misdemeanor charges.
April 13, 2014: Smith gets arrested at LAX for arguing with TSA and supposedly claiming he had a bomb. He was eventually cleared, but suffered a nine-game suspension.
August 6, 2015: Smith is released by the 49ers after getting arrested and charged with a hit-and-run, driving under the influence, and vandalism.
September 11, 2015, Aldon Smith signs with the Raiders, officially the second worst thing that has ever happened on September 11.

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