21 Times Alex Morgan Proved She’s The Best Athlete On Social Media

Alex Morgan wields a powerful stick on social media. The U.S. women’s soccer star has 1.8 million followers on Instagram, 1.2 million on Twitter, 1.7 million on Facebook. Next to Serena Williams and Ronda Rousey, she’s the most popular female athlete in the United States and certainly one of its most marketable.

Today, on her 26th birthday, let’s celebrate some of her best, most viral moments on social media.

Halloween with Alex Morgan and Sydney Leroux

Channeling McKayla Maroney

Alex Morgan, Turn Down for What

Grossed out from Fifty Shades of Grey

The good luck tutu

When she got Simpson-ized

Alex Morgan the golfer

Hitchhiking with fans

When she jumped around like a crazy person on Conan

Tweeting about #thatimeofthemonth

When she knocked out a girl with a flying knee

When she went cliff jumping

Peek-A-Boo with Alex Morgan

Trash-talking with Katie Nolan

Her crazy superstitions

Dance party

Like “Crazy Eyes” From OINTB

That’s a fake mustache


Escaping a defender

With her best friend, Sydney Leroux