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Rios, seen here some women just the way he likes them: clothed

I didn’t realize there were other teams in the AL East besides the Rays, Red Sox, and Yankees, but apparently a game between the “Blue Jays” and “Orioles” was interrupted by a streaker.  Big League Stew has outfielder Alex Rios’s curious response:

A few pitches before Alex Rios hits a go-ahead homer against Rocky Cherry, a naked man leaped onto the field and ran until caught. Rios said the moment helped him find clarity. “It did (distract) for a little bit but I think it was funny. It got my spirits up,” Rios said. “I’ve seen two people naked. The other one was a few years ago. It was a little disturbing the first time.

Really? Naked people get his spirits up? I wonder if my lawyer can use that. “Your honor, my client was merely trying to bring joy to others by exposing himself.” Yeaaahhhh, that’s the ticket.

(Photo via On the DL)

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