Alex Trebek Helped The Ottawa Senators Announce The No. 3 Pick In The 2020 NHL Draft

The Ottawa Senators sat at No. 3 in the 2020 NHL Draft on Tuesday evening thanks to a trade the organization made with the San Jose Sharks. Following a year in which they finished seventh in the Atlantic Division, the Senators got to use this pick, along with their own pick that sat at No. 5, to load up after a down year.

When their time came to make a selection, the Senators kicked things over to a special guest. Alex Trebek, the indomitable host of Jeopardy! and a graduate of the University of Ottawa, took to his podium to announce that the team had opted to draft German winger Tim Stutzle.

Adding the Jeopardy! music as Stutzle celebrated after the announcement is, admittedly, a very nice touch to the whole thing. Trebek has appeared at Senators games in the past, although this is on a bit of a different level, as he’s doing the franchise a solid while simultaneously making the biggest moment of a young hockey player’s career a little more special. The only downside for Stutzle, in my opinion, is that the roles should probably be reversed during media availabilities for the remainder of his career, and he should only be able to respond to the media in the form of a question.