Alexander Ovechkin Knocked Out Andrei Svechnikov In His First Fight Since 2010


The first round series between the Capitals and Hurricanes shifted to Raleigh on Monday night after Washington won both games at home to open the series. Carolina hoped to turn the tide of the series back at home and put some doubt that the defending champ would simply cruise to the second round.

They got off to a good start, scoring the opening goal of the game, but shortly after rookie Andrei Svechnikov decided he wanted to send a message to the Capitals top star, Alexander Ovechkin. Svechnikov and Ovechkin squared up for a fight, a rarity for Ovechkin given his superstar status, but the future Hall of Famer showed that he’s still got plenty of skill in that area too.

Ovechkin delivered a couple clean right hands to the rookie and the fight ended as Svechnikov crashed to the ice, knocked out cold.

Hockey fights don’t often result in actual knockouts, but here Ovechkin delivered some heavy hands and turned out the lights for poor Svechnikov. Incredibly, this was Ovechkin’s first fight since 2010, and given the result of this one, it would seem wise that opponents don’t step to him for another nine years.

Anyone that can function as well as he did after going on the bender he went on after the Caps won the Stanley Cup last year is not to be trifled with, and the young Hurricane learned that the hard way.