Alexandr Dolgopolov’s Car Is Pretty Bad Ass, You Guys

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06.04.13 5 Comments


Everybody here’s a fan of Ukrainian tennis player Alexandr Dolgopolov, right? This post is an instant traffic magnet. It’s like Michelle Jenneke and Kate Upton merged into the same person, and they ended up a Ukranian dude who is all right at tennis.

If you aren’t a fan of Dolgopolov yet, feast your eyes on his car: THE DOG. Y’see, his nickname is “The Dog,” so he bought a Fast & Furious car with a doberman painted on the side clearly labeled as THE DOG. Imagine Kobe Bryant driving around in a Tokyo Drift car covered in snakes and you’ve got the idea. As a reminder, this is what Alexandr Dolgopolov looks like. I swear to God this is not a picture of Martina Hingis:


So is this the best athlete car ever? If he was given a runway the length of Eurasia, could he use The Dog to take down a plane? Let us know what you think in the comments.

[h/t to Shane Bacon]

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