Show A Little Teamwork: Sign Up For FanDuel’s Week 5 Fantasy Football, Win $1K

If you missed out on yesterday’s announcement, With Leather is doing another week of FanDuel Fantasy Football, giving 555 teams the chance to win $1,000 in prizes. The sign-up this time is only two bucks, and you get up to three teams. You can edit them and rearrange them until Sunday’s kickoff, and then it’s in God’s hands. And by “God” I mean Tebow.

Here’s how we do it.

The game should fill up quick, so I’d recommend signing up using this handy-dandy link as soon as possible to draft your squads and guarantee yourself a spot. I finished 44th in the last game we did and still won money. That’s pretty efficient, right? Imagine how much you can earn if you’re GOOD at this.

Sign up now, friend!