Alvin Gentry Ralphs In-Game

05.28.10 8 years ago

Gentry fine-tuned his gag reflex with the very best.

Suns coach Alvin Gentry must have been pretty disgusted with his team’s play last night, because he was throwing up court-side at the Staples Center. A deep fried artichoke was said to be the assailant to coach Gentry’s digestive system, but Gentry was able to make light of the situation at the post game press conference.

When told that cameras had actually captured him throwing up into the trash can along the sideline, Gentry was surprised. “They did?” he asked. “Oh, well, just tell everyone that it was Kobe Bryant making me sick.” Gentry said he received an IV at halftime of Game 5 and felt better almost immediately. “It’s very similar to college,” he joked. “Once you get it out of your system, everything’s OK. It’s like a Friday night, you know, frat party.” –Ball Don’t Lie

Alvin may had attended frat parties in college, but he’s certainly not very bro for getting an IV. I’ve witnessed many a person puke, and never has my first though been “we should get them an IV.” Then again, I don’t really know all too much about them futuristic high-tech needle shots an’ such. But, hell, I can skin a 10 point buck in 10 minutes, I’ll tell you what.

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