Aly Raisman Follows Up A Great Olympics By Being Asked Out By An NFL Player

There aren’t many things that can top winning a team gold and two individual silver medals at the Olympics, especially when said Olympics is your second time as a member of an absolutely dominant US gymnastics squad. But for Aly Raisman, that’s exactly the quandary she faces upon her return from Rio and pivot the planned victory tour.

It is presumably a huge change for Aly to focus so hard on winning gold only to come home and consider whether her professional career is over or whether it will continue through Tokyo in 2020. Fortunately, it looks like an NFL player has plans to keep her mind off of any future Olympic aspirations – at least for a few hours.

Colton Underwood, a tight end that plays for the Raiders, sent Aly an adorable video during a sit down she was having with Yahoo! Sports. In it, he congratulates her on her success and shares how much he enjoyed watching the team wow everyone with their winning moves. A smart one, that Underwood. Always compliment a girl before you ask her out on a date. Colton follows the flattery up by asking Raisman if she’d like to go on a double date with him, fellow Raider Andrew East, and gymnast Shawn Johnson (the 2008 gold medalist on beam who also took home two silvers from those games). East and Johnson got married this year and from the sounds of things the couple has tried to set Aly up with Colton before now.

Underwood’s gumption paid off, as Aly has accepted the date and admitted that he is very cute. If things on the eventual date go wrong, she can always get out of there fast by tumbling out of the restaurant just like she does on floor. If it goes well, though, Shawn and Andrew have another cute couple to hang with on movie or game nights.

(via For The Win)