Amare’ Gets $100 Milli’on From Kni’cks

07.06.10 9 years ago 11 Comments

The first NBA free agent was signed last night, which is too bad. Now SportsCenter has to edit its nightly 35-minute highlight reel of LeBron James to make time to cover it. Stoudemire will earn $100 million over the next five years. He’ll be 33 when the deal expires.

Stoudemire can’t officially sign until Thursday, because the NBA arbitrarily decided to prohibit teams from making deals in order to create an orgy of signings on July 8th. All I can say is, “Good job, NBA.” I’ve heard more about NBA free agency this offseason than I heard about the last NBA season. Do I want to watch Dwyane Wade shoot 30 free throws every night? No. Do I care about where he’ll be playing ball next season? Kinda. I really want to see Wade in a different jersey, and then run to the store and not buy it.

Free agency is a big deal, and it’s really the only chance for a select few ballers to reach their market value. I might be the only person on earth that thinks basketball players don’t make enough money. That $100 million won’t go terribly far in New York, either. On the other hand, he could probably get a great price on BP stock.

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