This Poor Amateur Boxer Got Knocked Clean Out Of The Ring By A First Time Fighter

Boxing is a tremendous way to stay in shape, as it works every part of your body and some muscles you probably have never even noticed before. For many, their experience in boxing is limited to bag work, which is a good thing, because the alternative is getting punched back by someone else, which turns it into a whole other animal.

The mindset, discipline, and skill required to actually box is something few possess the ability to do, and it doesn’t take a long time to recognize when the sport might just not be for you. Over the weekend, a video of one man’s boxing debut went viral as he found that, yes, this was indeed something he had the mindset and ability to do. His opponent, however, might have exited the ring for the last time in unceremonious fashion, as he got knocked through the ropes and Ralph Wiggum’d it to the floor.

Hopefully that gentleman is alright — the good news is it seems as if he lands on his back as he goes to the floor — but from the moment he took that first punch he looks like a man who realized he wanted no part of this boxing thing. He hunches up after getting hit in the ear and starts running to the corner, but not fast enough to avoid a second right hand that sends him down to the canvas, through the ropes, and then a drop to the floor.

It is a triumphant moment for the one fighter, who got his first taste of victory and how good it feels when those punches connect cleanly, but for the other, it might spell the end of a boxing career as his response to getting punched was not what you’re looking for as a fighter. Also, let this serve as a PSA that headgear doesn’t protect you from getting knocked out, as many people seem to believe.

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