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The Ryder Cup is coming up.  That's the one where it's American golfers versus European ones, and all the wives wear stupid hats.  And this year, European captain Nick Faldo has enlisted the help of Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain, a name so ridiculous that it couldn't possibly be fake.  Why?  Because no one can fire up your gold team like the drummer of a metal band that formed over 30 years ago.

Faldo told BBC anchor Gary Lineker he’d signed up Nicko to help motivate the team…

I’m struggling to picture Colin Montgomerie in his leathers moshing to "Bring Your Daughter… To The Slaughter."  It would make a terrible mess of his cashmere sweaters.

Well, then that chubby pusstard Montgomerie can mosh to "Aces High."  Powerslave is a way fucking better album anyway.  Um, I mean, who listens to that trash anyway?  GRRR BALLET!

I think I may have messed that joke up somewhere.

[Deuce of Davenport

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