Enjoy All The American Gold Medalists’ Ceremonies Set To Donald Trump Saying ‘We Don’t Win Anymore’

Donald Trump has said a lot of dumb things. This is not news. One of the less awful dumb things he’s said, on account of the fact that at least it wasn’t incredibly hateful, is that “We don’t win anymore.” The “we” in question is the United States of America. Trump was trying to make some sort of point to the people gathered to hear him speak in front of a giant American flag. It was part of his whole “Make America Great Again” thing. You know, America sucks now and we’re losers and only Donald Trump can help us win again.

So Deadspin put together the above video response based on the Rio Olympics that shows that America does, on occasion, win.

After showing Trump speak his line about how “We don’t win anymore” the Star-Spangled Banner kicks in, and we see a montage of Americans on the podium with their gold medals. There’s Michael Phelps and Katie Ledecky and Simone Biles and all the many Americans who have won at the Rio Olympics. There are a lot of them, because America is dominating these Olympics with 38 gold medals and 105 total medals (the next closest country is Great Britain with 61 total). Some of them are singing along with the national anthem. Some of them are crying at the emotion of the moment. All of them are winners, in a specific and real sense.

Sure, some might argue that this isn’t what Trump was talking about, but, in the end, who ever really knows exactly what Trump is talking about?

(Via Deadspin)