Amy Schumer Was In Peak Form When Caught On The Mets’ Kiss Cam With Boyfriend Ben Hanisch

Amy Schumer was at Sunday’s game between the Mets and Phillies at Citi Field, enjoying a 17-0 win for the home team alongside her father and boyfriend Ben Hanisch, the star of … hang on, I should probably look this up … oh, it appears he makes furniture. He’s a carpenter. I’m sure this is a situation where I am out of touch and this guy is really famous. Whatever. Good for them.

Anyway, Schumer appeared on Kiss Cam, a marketing device created by someone that said, “What if we could watch strangers of all ages touch tongues at a sporting event but here’s the catch — we don’t tell them we are going to put them on camera in front of 50,000 people, so it’s the most stressful moment of their day and perhaps their lives?”

After planting one on her dad’s cheek, Schumer and her boyfriend sort of fake make out in a classic comedy move. He’s all, “Hey, get off me lady!” at the end, pretending he wasn’t into it the whole time. Funny stuff. He should get a sitcom deal after this where he plays a guy that makes terrifying looking benches and has wacky hijinks as a regular guy in a celebrity world.

(Via E! Online)