Alabama And Our Troops Got Some Snazzy New Duds For The BCS Title Game

There’s nothing like turning our attention to the BCS National Championship Game with a little game of what I like to call “Who’s Got the Sports Karma?” This is where I compare both teams – in this case the No. 1 Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the No. 2 Alabama Crimson Tide – by not using boring stuff like statistics and offensive or defensive matchups, but by what they’ve done to earn our “Awww”s and “That’s cool”s. And as you can see in that banner pic, ‘Bama is already going after one of our soft spots – the troops.
Specifically, Tide fan Justin Crisler founded an effort known as “Tide for Troops”, and through his Facebook group “Can I get a Roll Tide?” he was able to make 180 shirts bearing his group’s rally cry to deliver to a Huntsville, AL unit that deploys to Guantanamo Bay this weekend. Additionally, Crisler was able to send shirts along to the 167th Infantry Battalion in Afghanistan so they could cheer on their beloved Tide as well.

“Most of them took the shirt, looked at it and smiled a smile you would have to see to believe,” [contractor Austin] Strickland said in the email. “Pumped up, man, they are pumped up. Some said they are going to wear them during the national championship game. Word is spreading like wildfire.”
“When I got those pictures and (Strickland) telling what they said when they got them, I broke down for about 30 minutes,” Crisler said Thursday. “It took me a while to gather myself. I knew what I was doing was actually working.” (Via

In all, Crisler has sent 400 t-shirts to the troops, which blows away the other part of this BCS Title Game news update about the Tide also getting some new gear that you can check out in the gallery. Per Nike:

The Crimson Tide uniforms will be upgraded to include Nike Chain Maille Mesh – a lightweight, ultra-breathable material that emphasizes improved thermoregulation. This new fabrication is incorporated into the back and under the arms of the jersey for exceptional ventilation without sacrificing durability. The white-on-white look, embellished with crimson accents, creates the iconic, bold silhouette for which the Tide is famous.

Yeah but can those new uniforms make my allergies act up like those Roll Tide shirts? I didn’t think so.
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