An ‘Anchorman’ Parody Is Probably The Best We’ll Get From The Padres In 2013

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04.09.13 3 Comments

I’m a little surprised it took this long for the San Diego Padres to do an Anchorman parody video, but nevertheless, here we are. On Friday, the Padres and MLB released a video of the Padres’ bullpen staff, arguably the best thing about this 1-5 team*, in their very own version of Anchorman, as a tribute to “San Diego’s own Ron Burgundy”. If you ask me, the Padres should have at least one Anchorman-themed night each season, so me and my bros can scream, “Brick killed a guy!” every time someone gets thrown out at second.

The movie came out nine years ago, but I suppose it’s timeless enough, and Will Ferrell and Co. are currently filming a sequel. Hell, if anything, doing it now just means that the Padres can make a follow-up video in conjunction with Anchorman 2’s DVD release next year with the brand new bullpen they’ll have after they’ve traded these guys away in May.

You know it’s parody because they say that Edinson Volquez went 7 innings for the win. I’ll tell ya, Will Ferrell and Adam McKay couldn’t write something that funny on their best days. Ironically, this is also what Jason Marquis says after every pitch:

Ah, I kid, I kid, Padres fans. But seriously, drink a lot this season.

*Luke Gregerson is one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met, so I’m obligated to say nice things about the Padres bullpen.

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