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Just as the NHL doesn't really get a fair shake at With Leather when compared to popular sports, so too are the NHL's Ice Girls — those ice-sweepers and T-shirt gun operators who work the timeouts — unfairly ignored due to the more exciting, better-looking cheerleaders that work on solid ground.  Thankfully, in order to catch us all up, Puck That Hit has studied and reviewed the women of every NHL squad of Ice Girls.  And the results may be somewhat telling as to why they don't rank higher in the cheerleader hierarchy. For the Senators' Direct Energy Power Patrol:

If we suggested that putting Dany Heatly on the Power Patrol would make them a more attractive bunch, would we be going too far?

And Philadelphia's Delta Dental Ice Team

The Flyers are known for being a big, tough, bruising team. No different for these gals.

However, this isn't to say all Ice Girl squads are lacking.  The Chicago and Atlanta teams are currently at the top of PTH's poll, and they've got some bona fide talent there.  I'd trust them with my t-shirt cannon, if you know what I mean.  Why I insinuated that my penis shoots t-shirts, I'm not really sure, but hey, why wouldn't it?

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