An Own Goal That Was Twice As Painful

11.11.10 7 years ago 2 Comments

What’s worse than scoring on your own goal? Knocking one of your teammates unconscious in the process. From Ireland’s CCFL Division 3, this is an unidentified goaltender from Melville Celtic B executing the worst clearance ever conceived. I appreciate the fact that he tried to drive that ball for distance, but a little more loft on that guy next time might keep the ball out of his own net. The best part of this, though, is imagining the conversation with the guy that got konked in the noggin after he comes to.

“Where am I?”

“You’re on a pitch. And you just scored on your own team, ya bugger.”

It’s funny because they talk that way over there. Actually, nobody really has any idea on what happened to the guy that got hit with the ball. I’m guessing that he embellished his injury for 10-15 minutes and then rode a gurney off the field and then hopped right up like nothing was wrong. And then some hot woman started making out with him. I hate soccer. Via Dirty Tackle.

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