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Here’s tennis hottie Ana Ivanovic with her new boyfriend, Fernando Something.  He’s Spanish, he has a fauxhawk, and he’s a tennis pro.  And judging by this photo, he also has terrible breath that makes Ana throw up in her hand whenever he gets close to her.  Or not:

“It’s true I’m dating Fernando. We met at the US Open, and then it all started,” former world ranked no. 1 said. “At present, we are knowing each other and getting adapted to our relationship. He’s a fantastic guy and I’m very happy with him.”

Whatever.  I guess I can’t blame her.  I’m off the market so she might as well settle for some pro athlete who kinda looks like Cristiano Ronaldo.  Some guy with handsome dark features and a Spanish accent and a sculpted body. The sort of fling young women embark on when they realize they’ll never get their hands on THIS.

**licks finger, places it on ass, makes “SSSSS” noise**

[Sports by Brooks / Machochip]

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