04.14.08 10 years ago 17 Comments

Serbian tennis star Ana Ivanovic is being honored in her native country, where she's featured on a commemorative postage stamp created for the coming Olympiad in Bejing.

“It’s an incredible honour,” said Ana. “It's surreal. This isn't something I ever imagined would happen to me, especially when I am so young. But it's a great feeling."

Sigh… I suppose this is where, as a blogger, I'm required to make some kind of lame joke about licking Ana Ivanovic.  Here we go: Finally I get to lick Ana Ivanovic!  And the police can't arrest me for stalking a postage stamp!  LOL!

In the United States, of course, only deceased persons can be featured on stamps, so American stamps are obviously less likely to turn on sports fans.  Unless you read With Leather, in which case you woke up this morning and rubbed one out to the three-cent Clara Barton.  She's the original slutty nurse.  Oh sure, everyone talks about how she founded the Red Cross.  But let me tell you, she went through a LOT of cock to make it happen.

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