And Now, A Chicken Ruining (Improving?) Soccer

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03.19.13 2 Comments

If you aren’t already privy to his legend, meet the Blackburn Chicken. He’s a living, actual chicken that gets released onto the field whenever Blackburn Rovers fans want to protest something like, for example, the poultry company that owns the team.

I don’t know why he’s been unleashed here (and it’s probably not the same chicken), but I enjoy the call and response that happens when he appears. The Blackburn Chicken remains relatively still as a security guard creeps up on him … everyone in the stands goes WHOOOOOOOAAAAAH in anticipation, and when the guard makes his move the chicken FLEES and everybody goes YEAHHHHHH and the game continues. I hope the chicken was released in protest of the lazy-ass security guards Blackburn has. Those guys are not giving it their all.

This should be the team’s next security training video:

Live long and stay free, Blackburn Chicken.

[h/t Dirty Tackle]

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