And Now, A Rugby DDT

Rugby Banter Page’s only context for this clip is “can’t stop watching this.” As the guy brave enough to write about wrestling way too much on a mainstream sports blog, I’ll provide all the context I can.

One of the most effective moves you can use in a (fake) fight is a fireman’s carry slam. John Cena’s used it to win at least 100 WWE Championships in the last 12 years. This is the guy in the red jersey, #11. The only problem with using the move is that it’s easy to counter, and 70% of the time the guy you pick up is either gonna wiggle his feet and escape and end up behind you, or he’ll start throwing elbows to your head to break it up, or he’ll counter it into a DDT. In this example, “70%” will be played by #14 in yellow.

Side note before you watch this: wrestling moves hurt a lot more in real life.

Unlike the real John Cena, #11 is not up and going for the move again 30 seconds later. He’ just … uh, kinda collapsed on the ground trying not to die.

Minus five stars.

[h/t to John Canton]