And Now, An Obese Child Getting The Sh*t Kickboxed Out Of Him By A Girl

Edit: Replaced the removed video with one that worked. Enjoy!

Here’s a Muay Thai fight between a chubby little boy and the (advertised) 6-year old girl who has no qualms with punching him directly in the face. I don’t know why moments like this exist, but here we are.

Kids boxing or doing martial arts in front of a crowd can go one of two ways — it can be a horrible, exploitative thing adults do in bars for kicks or it can be adorable. This clip is … somewhere in the middle. It’s horrible to watch a fat little boy get brained, but it’s also kinda funny to watch him confidently take the fight to her until the first time he gets hit, then spend the rest of the fight desperately begging the referee to stop it. It’s like the chibi version of the worst MMA fight ever.

Here’s the fight in its entirety. To the crying kid’s credit, that adolescent girl is bringing the thunder.

Still pretty sure he could beat Bob Sapp.

As a fun bonus, here’s what Google Translate makes out of the YouTube description:

Boxing the list. Bun Bang Fai tradition in a boxing match at the year 2556 tires.

Feedback to help (parents, children, it is my side of the stage. Obese children can not sting because they wanted to smash it once already.

I like the whole village. This was really waiting for this fight than me. However, only a little more than expected at the Om fat girl like a boxer ever. It just came out today. Baby it’s hard. I like the entire village).

I like the entire village, too.

[h/t to Bob’s Blitz]