And Now, It’s The 2012 New York Jets Season Set To ‘Yakety Sax’

The 2012 NFL season began with the New York Jets as the center of attention because of backup quarterback Tim Tebow, and it has ended with the Jets still as the center of attention because of starting QB Mark Sanchez. At 6-8, it’s fair to say that the Jets haven’t had the season that they typically expect, as we’ve come to love those arrogant moments in the offseason when coach Rex Ryan or Sanchez declare that the Jets will win the Super Bowl. But this year there were no cocky declarations, just a trade that brought Tebow to the Big Apple.

Obviously, we’re all wondering why the hell the Jets even traded for Tebow because they’ve barely used him and Ryan has gone out of his way to avoid answering questions about his use in Tony Sparano’s offense. Meanwhile, Sanchez has developed into a parody of a parody on the field, an evolution that culminated with the now-infamous Butt Fumble. And the Jets floated the idea that they’d be willing to trade Sanchez after the season, and the rest of the league just laughed and laughed.

So it’s only fitting that one genius made a blooper reel of the Jets’ season set to “Yakety Sax”. It’s pretty much perfect.

(H/T to our amigo Jeff at Last Angry Fan)