And Now, The Smooth Sounds Of Vitor Belfort

12.28.12 5 years ago

Vitor Belfort singingIf there’s one thing I’d like to see at UFC on FX 7: Belfort vs. Bisping, it’s former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Vitor Belfort doing his best El Mariachi impression before (I’m assuming) pulling a rear naked choke out of his guitar case and murdering everybody. I … guess I expect weird things from my MMA events.

Anyway, here’s a Brazilian commercial for the event that executes the first half of my idea. It may be the most laid back UFC-related commercial ever, but until they release an extended edition where he breaks song to go down on a cheeseburger, it’ll be my second favorite.

Besides, Vitor looks and sounds way too much like Jake Fratelli for my taste:

Jake Fratelli Goonies

Jake Fratelli Sings in Italian

[h/t to Cage Potato for the clip, and to The Goonies for my lonely childhood]

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