And Now, The Spookiest NBA Game Ever

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11.01.12 3 Comments

NBA Fog Machine Delay

In a SPOOKTACULAR moment reminiscent of the time McKinley High School made their football team put on zombie make-up and do ‘Thriller’ mash-ups at halftime, the Detroit Pistons and Houston Rockets opened their season with a fog machine malfunction with a minute left in the half and couldn’t restart play until someone got it under control. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen two teams of athletes and an arena full of technicians and professionals at the mercy of a fog machine.

It needs a Vincent Price “terrorize y’alls neighborhood” monologue over it, but you can check out video of the mishap after the jump. BUT BEWARE, ghouls and goblins etc.

It would’ve been pretty sweet if this had just been a PR stunt to reintroduce a player. Imagine if that fog machine started up, nobody could get it under control and suddenly Tracy McGrady emerged from it in a Rockets uniform with a bunch of blood on his face. Houston would’ve won the game by forfeit.

[via Diehard Sport]

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