And Now, The Top 10 Dunks Of 2012-2013

The world outside is scary right now, so I suggest we spend this entire Friday reliving the happier moments of this year, like the time DeAndre Jordan baptized Brandon Knight against his will and that other time when Blake Griffin dunked all stupid when he didn’t have to.

The NBA playoffs start tomorrow, so the NBA’s YouTube channel posted their picks for the top 10 dunks of the year. A lot of these have appeared in the Wednesday Dunk Battle, so it’s a pleasant trip down a brutal memory lane. Remember when LeBron James made Jason Terry feel like a useless asshole? Remember when Kobe remembered how good he can be and dunked on the entire Brooklyn Nets line-up? Good times.

The NBA’s top 10 is after the jump, followed by the ACTUAL best dunk of the year.

Those are all well and good, but as any regular reader of With Leather knows, the best dunk of the year happened at the Oregon Zoo.

Put THAT on a poster.