And Now, The Worst Taekwondo Demonstration Ever

As of right now, the only posts of interest in our taekwondo tag are a ridiculous Korean stunt team doing backflip kicks 15 feet in the air and a review of Best of the Best. That’s pretty solid, right? Well, get ready to meet THIS ruiner.

This is, without exaggeration, the worst taekwondo demonstration ever. Watch in amazement as this guy repeatedly tries and fails to break a board, coming up with new excuses each time for why he couldn’t do it. The board’s too high! You aren’t holding it right! I need two guys! I should be kicking instead of punching! See that kid in the bottom right corner of the picture? That kid could probably break the board. If this instructor fought the worst MMA fighter ever it’d be a draw. THAT’S how bad he is.

I’ll let you watch the video and discover the wonderful accident that happens when he actually breaks a piece of the board. Not the board, a piece of it.

That’s right … after trying and failing to break a board all day, dude snaps off a piece and sends it RIGHT INTO THE HEAD OF A CHILD. The closest thing he gets to success is MAKING A TINY GIRL CRY. The “heh heh heh” of the crowd and the kid noting, “I don’t think he’s strong enough,” really bring the video together.

If the intent was to demonstrate colossal failure, mission accomplished, everybody.

[h/t to CP]