And That Was Quick

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09.21.11 3 Comments

Having never watched an episode of “Dancing With the Stars,” what with my indifference toward dancing and the show’s lack of stars, I at least had a silent interest in the latest season, as I wanted Ron Artest, AKA Metta World Peace, to put on a hell of a show. Unfortunately, the judges disagreed and Mr. World Peace was the first star to get the boot from the show.

Paired with dancer Peta “Heavens to” Murgatroyd – Haha, Peta and Metta! – World Peace found himself in the bottom trio of dancers with Rob Kardashian, the least talented person in his family, and Nancy Grace. That’s right, the judges sent the guy who started the Malice at the Palace home in favor of someone with the personality of notebook paper and the last living dinosaur. Sure, Grace I can understand. She’s universally loathed so people will tune in to watch her do this, but Kardashian over Artest? Shameful.

After the jump, you can check out World Peace’s swan song.

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