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Here’s the list of participants for the NBA’s slam dunk contest. Consider me under-whelmed.
The Hoop Doctors.

Here’s how Lobster Dog exploded into an entirely different meme on Reddit.

Come children, gather around and listen to the story of the Drinking Birds.

I guess Nike has a collection for Black History Month. Fresh..respected.
THE Smoking Section.

Schwarzenegger says being governor of Ca-lee-forn-yuh cost him $200 million because of lost income in Hollywood films. It’s not news.

Pot life: Ten Marijuana Strains Named After Famous People. Put some Chuck Norris in your mouth.

This is titled “Andy Samberg And Pee-Wee Herman Get Drunk Together.” So why are you still here?

Cee Lo dons whiteface and interviews himself. Because nobody else cared, presumably. Sorry, I’m not a big Cee Lo guy.
The Urban Daily.

I can think of no better way of honoring Dr. King’s legacy than to remember all the cool stuff that Bruce Lee did.

Here’s a gallery of 42 of the worst parking jobs ever. Exactly 21 of these were done by women. I totally investigated that.
Fork Party. More on ‘spacing.’

Google has a new smartphone out; here’s a review of the Samsung Nexus S.
G4 TV.

I can only hope that this Forever Lazy ad is real. Because I’m ready to buy five of them.

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