Anderson Silva And Edward James Olmos Will Star In A Shoot MMA Movie, If You Pay For It

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07.17.13 2 Comments


Now that former UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva is a professional fight-thrower, he’s got more time to pursue his TRUE love in life — filming pointless cameos in low budget MMA films.

Last month we shared with you the trailer for Tapped, a movie starring Silva and actors who were more popular in the 80s about a young man who steps into the cage and faces CHALLENGES. This month we’ve got Monday Nights At Seven, a movie starring Silva and an actor who was more popular in the 80s about a young man who steps into the cage and faces challenges. The only difference is that Tapped is a real movie, and you have to pay the filmmakers $500,000 if you want to see Monday Nights At Seven.

Here’s how they describe it.

Screen Shot 2013-07-17 at 10.41.54 AM

How could you not want to give them $500,000??

Here’s a link to the Kickstarter if the 700 other movies like this in production don’t do it for you and Zach Braff hasn’t asked you for a thousand dollars this month. It co-stars Edward James Olmos, who you either remember as the guy from Stand and Deliver or as the guy Cartman was doing an impression of in the ‘Eek! A Penis!’ episode of ‘South Park.’ If you don’t remember him from either, here’s what you need to know: he’s not quite Edward James.

If THAT’s not enough,

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