Anderson Silva Helps Brasilian National Soccer Team Defeat Their Shadow-Selves (Wait, What)

Before I watched this commercial, my cultural understanding of Brazil had been drawn mostly from Werner Herzog movies and guesstimated quotes from Pitbull’s “International Love”.

In Brazil they freaky with big ol’ booties. And they thongs? Blue, yellow and green!

Now, thanks to Nike Futebol’s “Brasil x Brasil”, I have a more educated perspective on its people: everyone plays soccer, they all look the same and Anderson Silva is there. And they thongs are a variety of colors.

From Cage Potato, who have to be experts on Brazil a la Wayne Campbell and Sweden because Anderson Silva is always doing stuff:

The message of the ad, which also features members of the Brasilian national soccer team, former Brasil player Ronaldo and singer Thiaguinho, is “Triumph Over Your Shadow.” In one-minute spot, Brasil players Neymar, Ganso, Pato, Thiago Silva, and Mascherano play against themselves in their away jerseys.

See, that’s a much better analysis than the “this is just like the last stage in Super Dodge Ball” paragraph I had written. Ah well, here’s to hoping Silva didn’t go out for a cheeseburger after the game.