Anderson Silva Is My New Favorite Soccer Player

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06.14.13 6 Comments

Anderson Silva soccer

In the spirit of yesterday’s video of Ronda Rousey magically appearing to armbar the Best Buy Geek Squad comes O sonho de Anderson Silva (“The Dream Of Anderson Silva”).

In it, Silva dreams that he is (more or less) playing a game of Beercup on an international level, improving the game of pro soccer by adding rear naked chokes, jumping kicks to the chest and referee intimidation. The story, as far as I can tell, is that Anderson is so bored during MMA fights that he starts fantasizing about being able to punch people in other sports, and is already deep into absurdity before somebody hits him and wakes him up. Then, because etiquette, he kicks that person to death.

Trust me, it’ll all make sense when you watch the video, which is included below. Well, everything’ll make sense except the part where he’s delivering food on the beach. That’s still pretty weird.

All this time I assumed Anderson Silva dreamed of cheeseburgers. I really don’t know enough about MMA.

[h/t to LegKickTKO]

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