Anderson Silva Just Broke The Internet

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04.03.13 14 Comments

Reigning UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva is already one of the most likable stars in professional sports, but in case there were any stragglers out there who didn’t like Spider before, this video’s about to change all of that. Twelve-year old Joao Pedro is suffering from a bone disease called Epiphysiolysis that has left him bound to a wheelchair for the past 9 months. Doctors aren’t sure if he’ll ever walk again, which is obviously a terrible reality for any child to face, let alone one who loves sports.

One of Joao’s idols in Silva, so a friend reached out to Silva’s doctor, Eduardo Picanço, for an autograph to help lift the child’s spirits. Dr. Picanço and Silva did him one better and agreed to go meet him in person. And sure, we’ve seen plenty of these videos, but damn it all to heck if Joao’s reaction doesn’t just melt your heart.

And here’s Silva’s pep talk to the child, via MMA Mania and Cage Potato:

What’s up, brother? Don’t cry, come here and give me a hug. Don’t cry, is everything fine? You want to get well soon! Give me a hug, give me a hug, a really strong one. Let’s get well, let’s get well. Let’s take a picture. Look what I brought for you, signed glove, this is for you. Look, let me tell you something. You’re going to have to do something really important for all of us. Give all you got. Give 100 percent effort so you can get well really quick because Minotauro also had the same problem and he’s fighting again, you know what I mean? So you got to give it all you got, ok? I talked to the doctor to talk to Dr. Angela, who was taking care of Minotauro, so she can help you out also so you can go back to training as soon as possible, okay?

I’m the one thankful for being here. Let’s get well. No crying, be happy. Let’s get well so we can train. Do you promise me that? That’s a deal. Let’s roll when you get well … but don’t choke the old man.

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