Anderson Silva Blames A Positive Drug Test On His Sexual Performance Medication

Anderson Silva’s failed drug test situation following his fight with Nick Diaz in January continues to get more and more convoluted. His Nevada State Athletic Commission hearing has been postponed several times so Silva’s lawyers could have more time to put their case together, and now the fruits of their investigation are being revealed. Via MMA Fighting:

Silva’s lawyer Michael Alonso writes in the answer that Silva was “administering or using a supplement for the purpose of enhancing sexual performance and testing of the supplement revealed that the supplement was contaminated with an Exogenous Anabolic Agent: Drostanolone metabolite.”

Yes, that’s right: the Spider’s lawyers are claiming his failed drug test was caused partially by sketchy boner pills. While tainted supplements are a common excuse among athletes popped for steroids, this has to be one of the strangest tainted-supplement situations in the history of the sport. Usually it’s the 1000% PUMP MAX 5X powder causing drug failures, not sex pills.

Anderson’s got a long way to go to convince commission officials of his innocence. The former pound for pound #1 fighter tested positive for drostanolone metabolites twice — once during a random test leading up to the fight and again when he was drug tested the day of the Nick Diaz fight. Androstane, temazepam and oxazepam also showed up on some tests.

So one thing is for sure: Anderson was taking a whole lotta different things in the time leading up to the Diaz fight. Whether the steroids were a result of intentional cheating or a quest for harder erections is still up for debate. Silva and his lawyers go in front of the NSAC tomorrow to argue their case.

(Via MMA Fighting)