Anderson Silva’s New Action Figure Comes With A Very Special ‘Action’

Shortly after UFC 145, Burnsy put together a gallery of UFC action figures from Masato Toys. They weren’t real, but they were so pitch-perfect you wished they were. A Cecil Peoples figure that comes with A.D.D. medication! A Kalib Starnes figure that comes with nothing!

Masato Toys will pop in every now and then with a timely update to the line, and here’s their most timely: a UFC 168-inspired Anderson Silva 2.0. It comes with a special “action,” too, and it finally tops “kung fu grip” and whatever you call “pushing down those old WWF figures to make them hop in place” as the best action figure action ever. Take a look for yourself, but be warned … you might have to cover your face in horror.

Now we just need a cupcaking Miesha Tate to complete the set.

via Masato Toys