Things Went Horribly Wrong For This Armenian Weightlifter’s Arm At The Olympics

Good morning. Here is a video of an Armenian weightlifter’s arm snapping like a twig.

It’s difficult to know what will haunt me more over the rest of my life — the sight of Andranik Karapetyan’s arm giving out under the pressure of 429 pounds of weight, or the 20-year-old’s blood-curdling screams as the realization of what happens becomes a reality for him.

I have to say, it’s a tossup!

Karapetyan was in medal contention and could have won the first medal of any kind at the Rio Olympics for his country. Instead, that happened. This is easily the most tragic result of anything involving a clean and jerk, and that includes your parents walking in while you’re doing it.

He was taken to a hospital with what is believed to be a hyperextended elbow, according to The Telegraph.

In related nightmare injury Olympic content, it was less than a week ago when French gymnast Amir Ait Said broke his leg on an awkward landing while competing in the vault.

Since this news is no way to start your Thursday, let us make things better by closing this horrific post with a four-minute video of kittens and babies playing together.

(The Telegraph)