Andray Blatche Has Buttery Fingers

12.23.10 7 years ago 3 Comments

A gripe I’ve always heard from those who aren’t as fond of the NBA as I am is that players don’t take the regular season very seriously. Unfortunately, many of these complaints are validated when guys mail it in like Andray Blatche did last night in an 87-80 loss to Chicago.

If you’re a fan of perpetually awful teams like I am, you sometimes delude yourself into believing that your team isn’t that terrible. But when you watch one of your star players, who would warm the bench on a contender, make the laziest play you’ve ever seen, you feel pretty miserable. So miserable, in fact, you start to reassess a lot of the decisions you’ve made throughout your life. Then you start drinking heavily. Bills fans know where I’m coming from. Video after the jump.

H/T Extra Mustard

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