Andre Berto: Mayweather Has To Embarrass McGregor To Get Even A Little Bit Of Credibility

06.18.17 9 months ago

Andre Berto knows what it’s like to face Floyd Mayweather. Back in 2015, Berto fought in Mayweather in the latter’s then retirement match, pretty much getting schooled in the process. As a former WBC welterweight champion, Berto’s no slouch either. He may have been at the downslope of his career when he fought Mayweather, but as a boxing champ and top-three ranked welterweight, the man was good. Damn good. No one can disrespect Berto’s legacy. And still, Mayweather made him look slow and completely outclassed.

Now, Conor McGregor, an up and coming 0-0 boxer hailing from Ireland (sarcastic but accurate) is bringing Floyd Mayweather out of retirement. Simply put — he doesn’t have a chance. Along with oddsmakers, pundits and promoters, Berto is joining in on the Mayweather/McGregor talk but is bringing it to a different perspective. We should pivot from wondering about what McGregor has to do to win even a moral victory and think about what Mayweather has to do to earn the respect of the boxing world (beyond his payday).

“For people, in general, to even accept it in some way — because they’re going to tune in regardless — Mayweather has to embarrass him, boxing-wise to get even a little bit of credibility from the boxing world.”

Berto is right. McGregor has a heavy left hand, but even at 40 years old, Mayweather is an Olympian, an undefeated champion, and one the most brilliant defensive boxer in the history of the sport. This fight is going to be straight silly to watch. Just go back a few months to Berto’s description of fighting Mayweather. Can Conor even touch him?

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