Here’s An Incredible Story About Andrew Bynum Dragging A Gas Pump Hose With His Ferrari

Andrew Bynum
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Gone, but not forgotten! Former NBA center Andrew Bynum continues to provide the world with unintentional hilarity. In a feature for the ESPN the Magazine on the Philadelphia 76ers, ESPN’s Pablo Torre recounts this incredible anecdote about Bynum, his Ferrari and a rogue gas hose.

Their would-be star was a hazardous fit — sometimes even literally. One day, memorably, the rehabbing big man parked next to Aaron Barzilai, [then-Sixers general manager Tony] DiLeo’s newly hired director of basketball analytics, in the parking lot of the team facility at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. As Bynum shuffled inside, Barzilai noticed something on their would-be star’s custom black Ferrari and called after him. Bynum, it turned out, had driven away from a gas station without removing the pump’s nozzle and eight-
foot rubber hose, which he’d dragged, pythonlike, through the street.

Can you imagine that scene? Bynum bumping music in his Ferrari, windows rolled down, nodding to women as he cruises by… and the gas hose python just hanging there, dangling like a damn elephant trunk! You know what, we need video of this. The mash-up possibilities are endless with “Streets of Philadelphia,” the early leader in the clubhouse.

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