Andrew McCutchen Hit One Of The Craziest Home Runs That You’ll See This Year

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Pirates star Andrew McCutchen hit a home run today… kind of. You see, McCutchen was credited with a home run, because he hit a ball into play and managed to touch home before the next batter stepped up to the plate. So in a way, yes, it was a home run.

However, McCutchen’s “home run” was unconventional. In fact, it probably should have only been a single, as he hit a liner to right field. Minnesota’s Eddie Rosario misplayed the ball, and it rolled to the wall, so McCutchen strolled into third pretty easily.

This still is not a home run, so obviously, something weird had to have occurred which led to McCutchen scoring. That’s exactly what happened, as the relay throw from Brian Dozier missed everyone, so McCutchen took off, ran into Twins third baseman Eduardo Nunez, and was awarded the extra base. Odds are you’re not going to see a stranger dinger – or, rather, something vaguely resembling a dinger, as this went down in the book as a single and a bunch of errors – in 2015.